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Block Management


If a problem pops up with your apartment block, you want to know it’ll be sorted out quickly and with minimum hassle.
Better still, you ideally want someone to be doing regular site inspections to keep an eye out for things that might become problems in the future. That someone is PBM.
Residential site inspections are a part of everyday life for us. It’s how we get to know your block inside and out. It’s just a standard part of good building and facilities management.



Keeping on top of money matters is key to good property management especially when you have a whole block to run

The smooth-running of your property depends on savvy fund management and careful budgeting.

Although your lease probably already sets out when major works will need to be undertaken, it is really important to ensure there is a Reserve Fund set aside to pay for this when the time comes. Nobody wants to be stung with a big bill unexpectedly.



Service charges are the life-blood of a thriving apartment block

Yet, poor Service Charge management is probably THE most common cause of leaseholder dispute today and is one of the biggest pain points in block management.

When Service Charges are badly managed, it can potentially bring an entire property to its knees by choking off cash flow. Suppliers don’t get paid, maintenance doesn’t get done, the property becomes unloved and ultimately it loses value. And that’s just silly because it can so easily be avoided.



Big surprises are rarely a good thing in block management

The majority of major works needed for a block of flats can (and should) be planned for in advance.

In fact, to be compliant with the Landlord and Tenant Act, it is the responsibility of the management company or freeholder to do exactly that – plan ahead, consult with tenants and set aside funds for major works so that nobody gets landed with a huge bill out of the blue.



The first and most important thing we do as a Property Management company is looking after physical environments – the inside and outside of your building, the gardens, parking, stairs, lifts, the lot! Residential facility maintenance is about making sure ALL the communal spaces and shared facilities of an apartment block are clean, well-maintained, secure and risk free.

And at Triton, we believe that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. So for us, flat maintenance encompasses so much more than changing light bulbs, emptying bins and vacuuming the hallway.



A good property manager needs to know what’s what with compliance

It’s Triton’s job to stay on top of the latest regulations and best practice in our field.  We do that, so you don’t have to.

We offer advice to Resident Management Companies, freeholders and leaseholders about their rights and responsibilities, and ensure we are fully compliant when carrying out any type of facilities maintenance or major works.

Compliance is a good friend. Triton Properties embraces it fully.